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Sale and Acquisition of Business

Business law, or commercial law, includes a number of practice areas such as sales, acquisitions, mergers, and taxation.  It may be beneficial for a business owner to formulate a plan for the transition of the ownership of the business early on in the course of the business in order to avoid unanticipated legal or tax consequences in the future.  An individual or entity who intends to be part of a sale or merger of a business must carefully consider the impact of local, state, and federal laws on the transaction. 

A prospective party to a business sale, acquisition, or merger should investigate the various options that are available for structuring the transaction, as well the tax consequences that will likely result from each option.

Many aspects of commercial law are very sophisticated, and parties to a business transaction may need legal advice in a number of areas.  The attorneys at Capshaw Green are available to advise business owners regarding various business-related matters including acquisition of a business enterprise, succession planning for transition of the ownership of a business currently owned, and mergers of multiple businesses.