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Business Litigation

Business law, also known as commercial law, encompasses any aspect of business or commerce.  It includes banking, lending, contracts, and the selling or leasing of real or personal property.  It also includes the sale, acquisition, and merger of business entities. 

Unfortunately, business transactions are not always carried out in the manner anticipated by all of the parties to the deal.  For example, a covenant not to compete may be violated, a sales contract may be breached, or a debt may not be paid.  When this occurs, the party who has been harmed may decide to take legal action.  The party who initiates legal action might seek such remedies as money damages, specific performance, or an injunction.

Before taking legal action, one should obtain advice from a qualified lawyer as to whether the merits of the case justify the time and expense of litigation when compared to other methods such as alternative dispute resolution.  Likewise, it is generally in the best interest of the individual or entity that is the target of the litigation to be represented by legal counsel in order to present the best defense possible. Capshaw Green has attorneys who can assist you in handling your business litigation.